Peter Roennfeldt | Presenter

Peter Roennfeldt is an experienced public presenter as speaker, lecturer, broadcaster, writer, adjudicator and workshop facilitator. Over many years, his well-honed communication skills have ensured that his audiences are both entertained and edified. As a regular guest speaker for numerous community organisations, the easy rapport he builds with listeners ensures that a positive atmosphere pervades each event. Whether speaking about his books or other publications, writing informative program notes, or presenting feedback in an educational context, Peter is able to convey information in an accessible manner. He is able to tailor any topic to the available timeslot, ever mindful of the event’s audience, the venue and its facilities.

Peter’s passion for local history, how specific pieces of musical repertoire came to be composed, performed and preserved, combined with his communication skills, is what enthuses his diverse audiences.

Drawing upon his many years of teaching experience, Peter has expertise in short-form discussions through the medium of pre-concert talks, radio broadcast scripts and printed program notes. Background information and stylistic elements are examined without using scholarly terminology, thus linking oral and written descriptions with the experience of the music itself, in live or recorded sound. Peter’s primary goal is to encourage within his audiences a deeper appreciation of the repertoire and an ongoing spirit of inquiry.

Peter is frequently invited to speak in a formal capacity, within conferences and other major events, on topics relevant to various organisations. At different times Peter has held executive positions with state and national bodies such as the Australian National Choral Association, the National Council of Tertiary Music Schools, the Organ Society of Queensland, the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference Association and the Queensland Music Teachers’ Association.