Peter Roennfeldt | Musician

Peter Roennfeldt has a reputation as an enterprising keyboard musician and ensemble director. His diverse performance projects are inspired by the repertoire and its context, both within the lives of its creators and its original performers. Of equal importance is the opportunity to share this interest with his artistic collaborators, whose unique contributions are invaluable in presenting convincing and appealing interpretations for an appreciative audience.

Through his chosen medium of the piano and other keyboard instruments, Peter is continually exploring lesser known music written either by familiar composers, or those who deserve wider recognition. Some specific repertoire items have been sourced from out-of-print editions or scores newly created by Peter based on original or facsimile manuscripts.

Expanding from his background within the established canon, Peter has pursued different niche interests which often result in thematic programs inspired by historical events. Examples include French baroque composers from the time of Louis XIV such as Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Michel-Richard de Lalande; the ‘Leipzig circle’ of Felix Mendelssohn, his sister Fanny Hensel, Robert and Clara Schumann and their Danish colleague Neils Gade; and music that was popular in early Queensland as performed at Old Government House and in South Brisbane, including locally created songs. In general, Peter has focussed on repertoire that is not regularly performed by others, a feature which is greatly appreciated by audiences.

Another key aspect of Peter’s performances is the link between places, pieces and people. He frequently presents concerts in heritage venues or with historic instruments, in many cases highlighting repertoire associated directly with them or similar examples. At times, the repertoire choices invite the creation of a linking narrative which is either articulated in a spoken commentary or through printed annotations.

The overriding aim is, however, to produce a unique live performance and an engaging  experience for listeners.