Brisbane Chorale | Our Journey

by Peter Roennfeldt

324 pages  |  153 x 230 mm  |  Soft cover
ISBN: 9781921452406
Published 2015 by Copyright Publishing

Brisbane Chorale is one of Queensland’s major choirs and has been a significant force in its home city’s cultural life for more than three decades. Its story is a journey – a voyage of discovery through the rich traditions of choral music, with many amazing musical experiences along the way including some world and local premières of new or unfamiliar repertoire.

Many eminent musicians, dedicated singers and fine orchestras have underpinned and nurtured Brisbane Chorale’s development, and it is privileged to maintain a close relationship with the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Throughout its journey, Brisbane Chorale has collaborated with many other choirs and performance organisations, all the major local orchestras and various visiting ensembles, and it has also performed interstate and overseas.

This book documents that story and its place in Brisbane’s, indeed, Australia’s cultural history.

Brisbane Chorale Our Journey by Peter Roennfeldt